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Main Lobby of the Data Streams

The Data Streams are the foundation of space-time in the Realm of Weisht-Aeven. Featuring transportation tunnels and warps, these connections allow players to jump between far-apart places on the map and even planes of existance.   


Origins of the Data Streams are essentially unknown, but different religions have formed ideas around what the Data Streams are and what they have come to be.

Both the Porokans and Wheat Tails dismiss the Data Streams as a Drootenshire government conspiracy made to undermine their religious beliefs. They do not see the Data Streams as holy or divine in any way.

The Order of the Red Candle, however, sees the Data Streams as a holy, mystical, phenomenon that partially explains Weisht-Aeven's existance. They claim that their gods act in a way similar to "computer users" who have configured a "network" in a specific way where everything in the realm is "connected" by streams of data in a way that a computer would work. 


The Data Streams consist of three known locations thus far:

Data Streams Main LobbyEdit

The Main Lobby is located underground near the PorkyH20 Dam near the end of the line of the Far Lands PorkyRail line. To enter, one must go into a small stone structure on top of a nearby hill and jump into the tunnel that drops down into the center area of the main lobby. This lobby contains four portals. Currently, portals Pioneer:1010- Pioneer:25565 and Pioneer:1010- D-City are blocked off with error messages.

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Entrance to Main Lobby

The Portal w0rld:Survival- Pioneer:22 seems to transport players to a far-off survival realm. The final portal takes players to Routing Station, which consists of the data-routing system Pioneer and a 

Stream System that claims to go to both the Bit Desert and an unknown location called "Mercury". However, the Stream seems to end in a firey mess of lava.

Additionally, the Routing Station has the "End of Line Club" which appears to be an abandoned dance club.  

Bit DesertEdit

See main page- Bit Desert


In the main Undercity, there appears to be a mysterious tunnel that drops down into the Data Streams Main Lobby when a player enters it...
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Undercity Data Streams Passage