From September of 2011 to June of 2012, the server had been hosted by primis on a custom server solution with backup tapes, Dynmap, and automatic updates. This setup had been in place for the most part since December of 2010. However, in June, primis informed the Admins that he could no longer host the server, and that short of someone else hosting, the map would be taken down. After drawing a consensus vote, the fate of the server had been decided.

Archival and ShutdownEdit

The Map was archived, and uploaded to The Pirate Bay on June 19th 2012. [1] After which it was determined to keep the map for the remainder of the summer season before putting it to rest. At this time the active user base was approximately 25, with an average user load of 5 users during the day. The Server was officially shut down August 2nd when the hardware it was run on was decommissioned. By this time the map had been in a state of dis-repair and intentional neglect to avoid the users creating something they might truly miss. TasteyServ was dead, and it's users were recommended to play on the Archives.


Early October, primis proposed to PorkyMcCaw and TasteyFlame that perhaps the map could be revived through a cheap VPS, just to get some semblance of the map back. Saanix found a suitable host, named Minecraft-Illimity, with cheap hosting, and an unlimited ram offer.[2] primis suggested that each admin put in money towards the revival of the map, TasteyFlame agreed, however PorkyMcCaw was reluctant, So Saanix Picked up his share and became 33% owner of Tasteyserv. The Server was bought, Backup downloaded, and hosted. Two months after it's initial decommissioning, the server had come back to life.


Due to two months downtime, and a change in the IP Stats, The active user base outside the core group with direct contact (primis, PorkyMcCaw, TasteyFlame, Saanix, 1337Specter, and JackCrawford) were lost due to lack of a central community / mailing list. The initial thought was that this would be fine due to the new 8 slot limit, however other then special events, the map is cripplingly slow.


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