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View of the Asylum with PorkyRail in the Background

Built in the former Gomon family mansion, the Seaside Heights Insane Asylum has housed some of Drootenshire's most disturbed citizens. 


In 1934, the Gomon family decided to build their first family mansion across town from Sangyo on the Western Beach shores of Drootenshire to escape the bustle and violence in the city. However, around only five years later, the Diamond Gang who resided in the area began to perform acts of violence against the Gomons due to their support of the iron industry. After their actions culminated in one member sneaking inside the house and blowing up the floor with TNT, the Gomon family decided to have their mansion rebuilt in a similar style on the top of Sangyo Stack

After putting the mansion up for sale, the Gomon family successfully sold their estate to the Drootenshire Insitute of Mental Health that was looking for a larger building to use as a mental asylum dubbed the Seaside Heights Insane Asylum.  


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Entrance Gate