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The remains of Rotosurando

Rotasurando is the original Spawn town of the map. The main theme was Japanese inspired buildings on small islands.

Currently, the only rail line in service to it is infoRail lines, however the line is linked to the even more abandoned Mahabharata. South of the city is Skyrift.

Under Rotasurando (Rotosaurando)Edit

Underground is a modern city, built by primis, named Rotosaurando. Its name comes from a misspelling of the actual town's name. Initially the headquarters of the TNT gang, it was taken over by the Iron Gang in a violent TNT raid that destroyed most of the city. It was partially rebuilt by primis, but most much of the original architecture is gone forever. This city is linked to porkyplex by PrimisRail lines. This is the easiest way to reach Rotasurando from the main complex.