THIS PAGE IS OBSELETE AND THE BELOW MENTIONED NO LONGER EXISTSThe Red Candle can either refer to the symbol of the religious movement, or the religious movement itself.

The Story behind the CandleEdit

Quite a very long time ago, the land that now includes the land under most of the Holy Cities of Ikara and the Drootenshire area were known as the bounteous, expansive kingdom of Élátrnius. There were never any known or recorded wars among any peoples of the land, and times were always good. In a small town that now is part of the Drootenshire Metropolis Area, the three brothers (who would later become known as the Great Warriors) lived peacefully. They were Akázi the priest, Kaaténi the scientist, and Luciferi the blacksmith. 

One dark and stormy day, the God of Storms, Luvaguiro the Violent, was in a quarrel with her father Ikara the Holy, the King of All. He would no longer allow Luvaguiro to send destruction upon the people of Élátrnius; they had been to harshly battered by her exploits, and it needed to end there and then. In response, Luvaguiro angrily set the storm of all storms throughout nearly the entire land of Élátrnius, destroying almost everything. This event came to be known as the Great Storm.

Amidst the confusion and destruction, the three brothers decided to take a stand in the name of the helpless gods. Akázi, Kaaténi, and Luciferi forged the Holiest of Armors and Blades under the light from their last Red Candle (redstone torch). And (long story short) they marched to the lair of Luvaguiro, with the Red Candle leading their way, and defeated and locked away the angry Luvaguiro for good.

They soon became famous as Akázi the Cavalier, Luciferi the Muketeer, and Kaaténi the Dragoon. 

Their successes soon sparked a religious Rejuvenation in many people who had before been non-believers, and the religion soon formed into what is now known as the Ró-Tchytsdín (the Red Candle, in the Tongue)

Cities of Ikara and their GodsEdit

The main gods of the religion are known as Ikarians, after Ikara the Holy, King of All. He existed before all, and gave birth to all of the main gods in order to maintain balance between himself and the humans. They were all assigned to a certain area of settlement for the humans. The Cities and their respective gods are as follows:

  • Ikara the King, God of All Things (Kingdom of Élátrnius)
  • Agaouli the Moist, God of Waters (New Aguacate)
  • Luvaguiro the Violent, God of Storms (Luvarin Peak)
  • Mrórvai the Loamy, God of Nature (Mushton Heights)
  • Lehaili the Feverish, God of Heat (Lélialih City)
  • Qatimsi the Nippy, God of Cold (Qatkco Commune)
  • Salea the Brilliant, God of Light (Selestia)

Salea was regarded by Ikara as his favorite daughter (there were but three daughters and three sons, the daughters were Luvaguiro, Salea, and Qatimsi) because of her immaculate beauty and her excellent way of making everything she touched glimmer with breathtaking light. This made Luvaguiro ever-jealous, and so her sister was the first target during the great storm. Salea was struck down by the Holy Lightning, along with the castle of Élátrnius. The main area of the kingdom no longer exists, but is now occupied by the Drootenshire Metropolis Area.