Christmas TraditionEdit

Once a year, the company PorkyRail sponsors a magnificent christmas celebration in the center of PorkyPlex


In the 2011 celebration, PorkyPlex was decorated with a Christmas tree, Festivus pole, Hanukkah menorah, and a Kwanzaa kinara. The Christmas tree was placed on top of PorkyPlex Foundry, and the Festivus pole and kinara were placed on top of the PorkyPlex Grand Central Station. Map round, primis turned the map into a snow biome for the celebration.


In 2013, a Christmas tree was built on the site of the demolished PorkyRail Main Station. The overgrowth was removed and the tree was built on top of the remains of the station that exist on the surface.

2013-12-22 22.52.34

The PorkyPlex Christmas tree.

Burning TreeEdit

As a tradition, every year the Christmas tree is burned in honor of the upcoming spring. A record is always played as the tree is lit on fire. After the tree is gone, the field is returned to a park like state.

2013 lavaEdit

In 2013, the tree was not only burned, but was engulfed in a lava sheet.

2014-01-14 16.38.18

January 2014's Tree engulfment.