The Parkour Course Database operates similarly to the Dungeon Database in that it catalouges and organizes the variety of different parkour locations found around the map.  It is Currently in PCD version 1, allowing for up to 999 different courses to be catalouged per section.  Below is a catalouge of all parkour areas on the server.

Parkour CoursesEdit

A001: Quantum Orbital Science ParkEdit

Length: Long  Difficulty: Expert Status: Functional Location: Drootenshire Metropolis Area Course Page: Null

A002: Parkour Island Beginner CourseEdit

Length: Short Difficulty: Beginner Status: Dysfunctional Location: Parkour Island Course Page: Null

Parkour ParksEdit

B001: Storm Drains - Faith Valley DamEdit

Size: Large Difficulty: Intermediate Status: Functional Location: Porkyplex (DMA) Park Page: Null

B002: Porkyplex FoundaryEdit

Size: Medium Difficulty: Extreme Status: Functinal Location: Porkyplex (DMA) Park Page: Tasteyserv Wiki

Chase TunnelsEdit

C001: Cleademis Chase TunnelsEdit

Number of Chase Tunnels: 1

Cleademis Ransom!! (Smart Moving Edition)Edit

Length: Short Difficulty: Intermediate Status: Dysfunctional Location: Cleademis Scenario: Standard