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Restored structures.

New Aguacate City is a revamped version of the remnants of an ancient city which had been flooded. Some of the original structures remain, but mostly the city has been built to withstand the underwater pressures. 

It is also one of the Holy Cities of Ikara.


Only a few businesses are located mainly in New Aguacate. Chiefly, the Aguacate PanGem Mine is located here. Many ores can be found under the city's iron foundation. People can work at the mines earning meager minimum-wage jobs. 

Other points of interest include the Aguacate Jail and a small café. 


The village of Aguacate was said to have been established centuries ago by the people of the swampland areas, who were led by Gér Kor the Great, a well-known conqueror of the time. The village had thrived for many, many years until the Great Storm which ultimately flooded the great village. 

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New Aguacate is accessible via the surface above it, or via teleport pad in the International Conference Center.

It is said that Gér Kor was the only one to survive the flooding, by blessing a space on the ground and meditating through the tempest. When the storm resided, he swam his way up out of the water and wandered the lands for the rest of his life as a beggar before returning to the village and laying himself to rest there. The space where he buried himself is now a teleport receiver for incoming travelers from the International Conference Center.

Gér Kor was also said to be a decendent of the God of Oceans, Aghaouli the Moist.