The New World is a failed experiment in a survival mode map partition. The process was executed by primis and still exists as semi-abandoned map area.


The New World plan was designed by primis after the Anvil update in Febuary of 2012.

The Plan was put in action as follows:

  • The Old World Map was WorldGuard Protected from mobs, and mob spawning was turned on for the first time in the server's history.
  • Spawn was moved 8,000 blocks east of the The Old World's border (12,000 blocks from spawn)
  • All homes / refrences to the old world were removed from the server and user's inventories
  • Dynmap was deleted temporarily

When primis pushed the map live, he told the userbase (and other admins) that the conversion to anvil map format had erased the old map, Claiming that every time he tried to restore from backup yeilded the same results. The userbase accepted this fate, and a new map was created.

Reveiling the HoaxEdit

About two days into the new world expierment, primis informed PorkyMcCaw that the old map was dead, and had simply moved to the west. In response, PorkyMcCaw walked in a straight line for hours to get back to the old map.

Falling ApartEdit

After the inital inform, word spread like wildfire. While a small group had built up a survival camp in the New World known as DatLand had wanted to stay, the majority had wanted to go back to their original conditions. Rapidly the New World fell apart.


After the diaspora of MCM members when the map went down for two months in the summer of 2012, Datland became a ghost town, and the New World was completely abandoned.

The PlanEdit

After the anvil update, the map biome generation changed dramatically. To counterract jagged abrupt changed in terrain height, primis made sure the newly generated areas were far away from the old maps. In this way he preserved the integrity of the old map. However, this was all null and voided by the construction of the highlands.


The fastest Vanilla method of getting to the New World is through PorkyRail / Goverail Junction. Designed by primis, this line extends an abandoned PorkyRail line, and ends at the Alpha Gate to the Nether. A Goverrail in the nether from Station Alpha to Beta Junction was laid about a week after the map was created, The line is about 1,200 blocks in length, and is the longest single strech of rail on the server without a mid-station.