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Aerial view of Mushton Heights.

Mushton Heights is one of the Holy Cities of Ikara and resides within a hilly area near a small lake. The town was mostly created with the mushrooms found locally.

Mushton EmbassyEdit

Due to the expanded number of travellers passing through Mushton over the years, the Embassy was created to bring a more dignified name to the village of fungus. The Embassy is where local embassadors and leaders will come not to have important meetings, but usually to discuss future town planning and economic issues in the region. The Embassy has a room in which players may teleport to two other Holy Cities (New Aguacate and Lélialih City ) and also to the International Conference Center. 

Major ExportsEdit

Mushton is most commonly known as a fishing town, with a small fishing dock where many say the best fishing can be had anywhere, and the best tasting fish also live here. Aside from fish, the town grows many mushrooms and also has a small hiking and mountain-climbing station where tourists may climb to the scenic mountaintops. 


Mushton Heights was blessed and protected by the Ikarian God of Nature, Mrórvai the Loamy, during the time of the Great Storm, and was therefore protected from any damage. For some reason, with this protection came eternal colorblindness for any residents born in Mushton; therefore, most Mushtonians have a bad taste in color schemes when making their homes and structures. 

Mushton Heights also contains a hidden Holy Altar of Ikara at the top of a nearby mountain. The Altar room has some hidden rooms within it, built to keep out intruders. It is said that only the impure and cold-hearted can find the Room of Fate and pick the lever which will lead to their utter demise.