Introduction to Merrg Edit

the name of Merrg is originally from the kingdom of Merrg in arngierr's Survival world, Lorrr!. Merrg Began in November of 2014 and has been growing since. Construction of the MerrgRails Station from Lorrr to Lelialih is now underway. Currently, there are five Merrgarian City/Towns: Gierrarn City, Thek City, Swamp City,Lorrr,and Orekar. There is a railway leading from Gierrarn City to the other Merrgarian Cities, But it isn't near as complex as PorkyRail or PrimisRail.

2015-05-24 16.41.07

Original Merrg Castle in the world of Lorrr!.

MerrgRails Edit

MerrgRails is a new rail service that will go to Lelialih, and maybe a couple of other cities.the main station is in the town of Lorrr. Arngierr has plans to make the station have a ticket system, rest stops in between the trip, and an ender chest storage area.

Gierrarn City Edit

Gierrarn City is the capital of Merrg.It is home of The Tower of Zipleth,the only Merrgarian McDonald's, a dump, and a telepod.

The Tower of Zipleth is a mix between a storage area and a railway.It was temporarily closed by Obama

in the May of 2015, and was almost destroyed by demons called the Hakukya.Thankfully they were stopped by the Merrgarian Military, but 10 men died in the battle. This famous battle between man and demon is called the Battle of Gierrarn.

2015-05-24 16.58.44

View from just outside the telepods

2015-05-24 17.01.31

Tower of Zipleth as it is today