Lelialih (quite often misspelled Lelih, Leliah, Leilah, etc.) (Gali: Lelialihna Ibhorhim, lit. "Lelialih's City"), is a very large walled city located in one of the large deserts north of Drootenshire. The official language of Lelialih is Gali, and Drootish is also spoken widely as a second language; several other satellite languages are spoken in certain areas of Lelalih which are completely unrelated to Gali, mostly due to illegal immigration into Eråy Qom from the east.

The entrance to Lelialih Customs lies at coordinates [-36,64,-997].

Meta Edit

Lelialih Aerial View

A map of modern-day Lelialih, with Sahaj Square to the south, Eråy Qom to the east, a PorkyRail station to the west, Talimaar Bazaar and Oraenus to the north, and Ormajun Palace in the center. Lelialih Customs lies outside the wall to the south.

Construction History Edit

The idea of Lelialih first came into being in 2012, with the conception of the Holy Cities of Ikara -- Lélialih (then spelled with an acute accent, in the Holy Tongue of Élát) being one of the six to be built. Due to the famous server crash, Lélialih, along with the other Holy Cities, and several unrelated projects, vanished completely. All attempts to rebuild were given up until the summer of 2014.

The current city of Lelialih was founded by arnthorr8 in the summer of 2014, and later completed by himself, TasteyFlame, PorkyMcCaw, Saanix, and primis in May of 2015. Initial construction began in the great desert to the direct northeast of Drootenshire, but was then moved farther north later the same week, and the building of the wall began in the summer of 2014. Initially designed to be 1/5 of the size it is today, Lelialih originally was planned to only encompass the the later named Sahaj Square, and only later were the walls redesigned to be 5 times as expansive, covering nearly the entire desert biome in which Lelialih inhabits.

2015-05-18 21.31.20

The city of Lelialih seen from the north side.

A construction hiatus of several months happened in September or October of 2014, when arnthorr8 got too busy with college and other responsibilities. All building ceased completely until early May of 2015, when he completed Ormajun Palace in 2 nights. Construction then boomed from several aforementioned admins, and the city was completed within two weeks.

A PorkyRail station and clock tower was the last structure to be built (by PorkyMcCaw and primis), with railways leading to PorkyPlex, the Stadium, and the Dam.

In-Game Edit

Notable Areas and Districts Edit

Lelialih Customs Edit

There exists only one legitimate entrance into Lelialih, and that is the main gate through Customs. There is a riverside station on the southern tip of the city, outside of the wall, where visitors travelling to Lelialih arrive by boat (or, alternatively, by aircraft, at the airport to the east), and proceed to the Lelialih Customs office. There are three areas -- one for passenger arrivals, passengers with light luggage, and freight. Upon entry through customs, players are set to Adventure mode.

Sahaj Square Edit

The Square is home to the main headquarters of several businesses, such as Smål Redstone Industries and Tigaazka Paper Distributors. On the west side, there is an area dedicated to the First Bank of Lelialih, the International Trade Association, and Vili's TelePods. Directly to the east of the town fountain is the Lelialih Museum (Gali: Myzee Lelialihna), where several artifacts and historical documents are kept on display.

In the back areas of the Square, one can find a small market strip of local vendors selling delicacies and trinkets. The market strip leads to the Zalgasi Apartments building and the Lelialih Correctional Facility, which hosts many infamous criminals such as Legs Miller, Adore Delano, and Margaret Thatcher.

Ormajun Palace Edit

A grand and decadent palace in the center of the city, the Ormajun Palace was named after the first emperor, Ivazi Ormajun, who conquered the ancient city of Ymkarot, levelled it, and established Lelialih in its place. The current emperor is Daat Ormajun Zoni, who is 73rd emperor after Ivazi Ormajun.

2015-05-18 21.32.33

A view of Ormajun Palace from the air.

The Palace features a gorgeous promenade (built by TasteyFlame), decorated by the city's official tree and native flowers, which give off an enchanting and refreshing scent. The promenade leads from the front of the palace to the back stairs, and to the northern districts of Talimaar and Oraenus. Every other district can also be accessed via the promenade.

Beside the palace to the west are several player houses and a PorkyRail station.

Eråy Qom Edit

2015-05-23 18.57.41

A confusing section of Eråy Qom.

Literally translated as "Dirty Town", the slum district is host to many illegal immigrants who have infiltrated the walls of the city, and made settlement within the poor district. Eråy Qom is built entirely by its residents, and therefore the architecture is shoddy, difficult to understand, and dangerous to navigate. The heads of several international drug cartels also make their homes in this district.

Eråy Qom is constructed in two main levels: the upper slums, and the lower slums. The lower slums house the current mayor of Eråy Qom, who has been on paid vacation for the past 23 years, causing disarray and panic throughout the district. The lower slums also harbor a secret passageway into the ruins of Ymkarot, the ancient city levelled by Ivazi Ormajun over 600 years ago.

The slum district contains many secrets and inside jokes, which players are encouraged to find by exploring every nook and cranny of the city.

Talimaar Bazaar Edit

A small shopping district behind Ormajun palace. Very expensive goods are imported to the Bazaar from faraway lands and sold for a relatively low price to tourists and local businesses. Local craftsmen also have booths and tents set up to sell their custom wares to the public which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Oraenus Edit

Otherwise known as "The Magic Ghetto", Oraenus is a mysterious section of the city filled with witches, wizards, and warlocks (built entirely by Saanix). Not much is known yet about Oraenus, because any non-magic users who attempt to enter get lost and are never found again.

Lore Edit

The ancient city of Ymkarot used to be one of the six prosperous members of the Holy Cities of Ikara, until Ivazi Ormajun and his invading armies conquered and enslaved the people of Ymkarot during the Holy Wars around 4500BPS. The city was almost entirely destroyed in the process. A small portion of the ancient city remains sealed under the current slum district of Eråy Qom.

Ymkarot was believed to be the home to the god Lehaili the Dry, who is the Ikartian God of sands and heat. After a great battle between Lehaili and Luvagwiro, the godess of storms and destruction, Luvagwiro's soul was split into several parts and sealed into powerful magick seals throughout the world. One of the Soul Seals exists in the ancient city.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the city was finished being built, Oraenus used to be the Anticonsumerist District -- a gated-off area, containing only confusing rooms, the Wall of Vapor, and signs saying "CLOSED DUE TO OBAMA THANKS".
  • Eråy Qom is famous for its speed drugs, and there is a wall tower that was taken over by residents that is now home to a booming drug trade.