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Arial view of Kakushimura, through the decayed glass.

Kakushimura is an old world town founded in 1939 (2011 server time).  Based around an NPC village copied underwater, it was tailored to support life underwater by placing a thick layer of glass above the town to keep water out.  It was built in the swamp regions to the south of the Iron Empire.  Currently, it is abandoned.


Kakushimura dates back to 1939, and was one of the first and last towns to be held under the Towny plugin (blamed for the disasterous flood following the abandonment).  It was abandonded in 1948 (11/9/11 server time) in order to facilitate the growth and establishment of the newly budding Iron Empire.  Shortly after the abandoment, the Towny plugin began to revert the plot of land to it's original state, an underwater village with no flood dam.  The protective glass fell into disrepair and gradually flooded the village.  Several months later, in the first few days of 2012, the Kakushimura Rememberance Council gathered and debated on enstating a tourist attraction to increase interest in this historical site.  Many of the paths inside the village have been restored and are protected from the water by a series of fences (sponges were originally used to dry the water out).  Some houses have been dug out of the fallen sand, but the remainder are inaccessible.  Restoration ended several weeks after it began, halting around the salvage of the Benny Benassi Memorial town square.