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Ignis local area


Ignis is a lawless area in the outskirts of Drootenshire. Not much is located in this area. The "Admin Shop" is located here along with many cane dealers and growers. It is also home to acclaimed writer/publisher Murrkitteh. a mysterious tower lies on the edge, not much is known about it. It was built by the illusive Sittle, the spongey Anti-Christ.

The Town of Ignis FatuusEdit

The town of Ignis Fatuus is located at the delta on the far side of the swamp island.  Established by one of Bunta Gomon's ancestors, it was built specifically to cultivate and facilitate the trade of cane.  The Town is built up on a boardwalk, similar to that of a shanty town.  Boats may move directly under the wooden deck towards a dock located in the center of the town.  Generally, it is recomended to stay underneath the wooden decks while sailing into Ignis Fatuus due to the increased chance of running aground.  The town is composed of only a few buildings, including an herbalist shop selling and buying cane at fixed prices, and a hut offering various services and smut.

Points of Interest
Geographical Benchmark 782, 64, 1713

Akane Gomon's Cane StashEdit

The server's first fully functional puzzle dungeon, Akane Gomon's Cane Stash is a dungeon based around completeing four different puzzles in order to unlock a door to gain the reward.  The reward for the dungeon is a stack of cane. 


Akane Gomon is the ancestor of Bunta Gomon.  An infamous cane trader and airship flying pirate, Akane Gomon traveled the continents of Pthaltnan and Robni collecting artifacts of great value and doing general pirate-y things.  Finding the end of her career as a sky pirate when she lost several toes, she settled down in an uncharted island named Ignis Fatuus.  Her she founded the shanty town and became infatuated with the local foliage.  Seeing that she could still make ridiculous amounts of money cultivating cane and shipping it to Lorethitan, she geared Ignis Fatuus towards cane trading.  On her death bed, she requested that she be buried, a
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Akane Gomon's Cane Stash

long with her treasures, in a Pirukon catacomb not too far from the town.  The burial ground was quickly defiled and made fit for Akane, many of the puzzles being left in tact.