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The Drootenshire Metropolis Area Foundation Act is a city ordinance that requires foundations nine blocks deep be built under any building in the Old Wethington or Harbor Area  districts (Sangyo Hillside District is exempt as it operates under local building code).  The Drootenshire Metropolis Area Foundation Act ordinance coincides directly with the Under City Drainage Ordinance (a sub-act created to further stablilize the filled-in area).


The Foundation Act was established in 1945 when the Drootenshire Metropolis Area began to expand West of PorkyPlex. When this happened, buildings built on the new lakefill became very unstable as they were built quickly and without foundations. To ensure that this would not happen again, the foundation act was established. 

Under City Drainage OrdinanceEdit

Even with foundations, buildings still seemed to be settling. To ensure that this could not happen, the Undercity Ordinance was passed. This called for the creation of a drainage area under this portion of the city. Unfortunately, Cane traders and other criminals began to take control of this area, known as part of the Undercity