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Dungeon Space is an isolated area of existence created specifically to house instanced dungeons, mainly those that do not affect Story Play. Several container types (tower buildings) with various themes (sewers, stronghold, Datastream, etc.) hold dungeons and are accessible from a lobby at the base of each container. The dungeons within a container are referred to as "Chains" and may have similar play mechanics and aesthetics, as well as backstory.

Each dungeon under a chain will award a special dungeon badge. Collecting all badges from dungeons under the chain will award a Talisman/Key, which will in turn allow for a hardmode dungeon to be opened. A hardmode dungeon is much harder than the average dungeon in the chain, but will award prestigious equipment and items.

Lore Edit

Many dispute the origins of the Dungeon Space and its subordinate spires. Pirukons debate that the space belongs to Poroko and functions as a testing ground for the virtuous, while others argue it has some tie withe the Ikara. Learned government officials believe that is created by real beings from a different plane of existence due to its connection with the Datastream.

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