The Dungeon Database is a catalouging system developed to organize the various dungeons located on Tasteyserv.  Each approved dungeon is issued a Dungeon Database Call Number (much like how books may be found in a library) that is composed of 3 digits (DDCN v.1) which helps with cataloging.  Listed below are the dungeons found on the server along with synoptic information including time, loot, location, and a link to the dungeon's page (if applicable).

Dungeon Database CatalogEdit

001: Akane Gomon's Cane StashEdit

Length: Short  Loot: 64 Cane  Players: Teams of 2  Type: Puzzle  Location: Ignis Fatuus                               Dungeon Link: Dungeon Page

002: Azigh Pyramid Run (DEFUNCT)Edit

Length: Short  Loot: 1 Diamond, 5 Gold Bars, 5 Golden Apples, 10 EXP Potions  Players: Solo dungeon only Type: Maze/Collection  Location: Lélialih City Dungeon Link: Dungeon Page