The Drootenshire Metropolis Area (DMA) is one of the several city states spread throughout the server.  A sprawling metropolis with a number of districts, each in their own right referable to as cities, Drootenshire is arguably (and literally) the center of the server in terms of location and story.  The official language of the DMA is a modernized Weish dialect, Drates, while other languages including Gali and Drootish can be heard in the streets and sub districts.


Construction HistoryEdit

The true construction history of the DMA is a muddled mess of rebuilds, rollbacks, reediting, crashes, and lazing. Construction of the city began almost as soon as the server was hosted.  

In-Game Edit

Notable Areas and DistrictsEdit

Old WethingtonEdit

Canonically the oldest portion of the Drootenshire Metropolis Area, Old Wethington holds the industrialized remains of the original town of Wecevenfe.  Amongst the wide avenues and vast swaths of sidewalk lie Little Porkton, Porkton General Hospital, and a dead mall.


The industrial and literal center of the DMA, PorkyPlex was constructed by steel and rail mogul, Jebidiah Porkus, as a place for steel production facilitated by the Faith Valley dam. Both the PorkyRail Headquarters and PorkyRail Mainstation can be found within it's walled confines.

Other businesses of intersted include TasteyTech Towers, and the PorkyRail owned Steel Mill, which sports a registered parkour playground.