Cane is the street word used to refer to Minecraft's Sugar Cane.  Sugar Cane is an illegal commodity in the Drootenshire Metropolis Area, and is known for its use in swiftness potions.  These Swiftness Poitions have effects similar to those seen while using amphetamines, and can be used as a performance enhancing pharmaceutical during the DPGP, PPRL, and Doojball games.  This is not a recommended habbit as administrative officials will remove unsportsman-like players from events and they will not receive rewards.  Players caught using cane and cane products inside the Drootenshire Metropolis Area may receive fines.
Grid Sugar Cane


  • Raw Cane: Raw Cane is the starting point of issues involving unsportsman-like conduct, and drug fueled vandalism.  Raw Cane can be refined into a powder called "Sugar" which is used in media such as "Cake" or Speed Potions.  As of 1E1997, Cane generally is traded at a price around 3 WETH.
  • Sugar:  Sugar is the powderized form of Cane, which can be further refined into illegal performance enhancing drugs and amphetamine like media.  Sugar trades for around the same amount as Raw Cane.
  • Cake:   Cake is a premium form of Cane (much like coccaine) which has an incredibly sweet taste.  Cake is injested and causes the release of dopamine in the mind which causes intense pleasure.  However, over time if Cake is abused, the user will build up an excess of fat, which may lead to adverse heart conditions.  Cake is a more difficult to craft delicacy, and as a result is much more expensive to purchase and consume.
  • Speed Potions:  Speed Potions are performance enhanching pharmaceuticals that increase the player's speed to above normal human limitations.  These can be used for unsportsmanship like conduct, such as "Doping" a player's pig in the DPGP or PPRL racing leagues to gain an edge on the opponent by increasing top speed and acceleration.