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Pyramid of Azigh

The Azigh Pyramid Run dungeon is a short puzzle-based solo dungeon which incorporates the use of items, being necessary to progress throughout the dungeon to the loot at the end and avoid death.

Players can deposit their inventory into a chest at the mouth of the Pyramid, because when the player enters, his or her inventory will be completely cleared automatically, and he or she will be set to Survival mode.

Azigh Pyramid Run consists of multiple booby-traps, dead-ends, false ends, misleading signs, pitch-black mazes, and perilous obstacles which the player must successfully avoid (in the style of Legend of Zelda) in order to win. 

Dungeon Database Number is: 002

Future plans may be put into place to add multiple levels to this dungeon with ever-increasing prizes.


At its conception, the great Pyramid of Azigh was meant to hold the corpse of the late King of Lélialih, Azigh Moshapf. It was filled with many perils to avoid anyone stealing the mighty King's treasures. Since, however, the Pyramid was successfully plundered by graverobbers and dungeon-plunderers headed by the mysterious Mr. A. It was then turned into a tourist attraction before people stopped visiting Lélialih City, and then it became the dungeon is it today when all else failed to gain publicity.